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OEM Products
HK Office
TEL:  (852) 2773 6441
Fax:  (852) 8200 1087
E-mail:  enquiry@mqmcn.com
China Factory
TEL:  (769) 8893 8699
Fax:  (769) 8893 8698
E-mail:  enquiry@mqmcn.com
Home profile
MIGHTY-QUATRE Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was established in 2003, produces quality die-cast and plastic molded collectibles for global brands both in the Europe and the United States of America. MIGHTY-QUATRE… have it’s own factory: Mold Manufacturing Shop, Plastic Injection and Die-cast Production Shop which allow MIGHTY-QUATRE Manufacturing to offer a turnkey manufacturing service to customers.
MIGHTY-QUATRE Manufacturing addressed the market that customer needs for quality products in a high volume production. MIGHTY-QUATRE Manufacturing have a strong engineering team which can provide a speedy response to customer needs, thorough closely project follow up including raw material evaluation, parts sourcing, product engineering design, prototype making, computer-aided 3D modeling, computer-aided mold design, packaging design for transportation to produce a reasonable cost products. Also, The factory of MIGHTY-QUATRE Manufacturing are all located in Mainland China, a relative lower labour cost production area. With such one-stop production service, MIGHTY-QUATRE Manufacturing provide customer:
1) short product development lead-time;
2) single manufacturing processing area allowing closely progress monitoring;
3) reasonable low product cost without lowering the quality level;
 Factory  Tampo  Printing Dept
 Masked Spraying Dept  Elctro-Static Dept
 Die-Casting Dept Plastic Injection Molding Dept 
Tooling Dept
Milling CNC
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