Like any skilled trade, the person is only as good as the tools they use. Taking that statement to the gaming perspective we, as gamers, tend to invest time and money into our tools such as keyboards, mice, GPUs, etc. But I wonder how many actually think about their butt or back. As modders we spend countless hours customizing our cases and tweaking our systems. Shouldn’t something other than a plain ol’ office chair sit next to your pride and joy? I know the benefits of correct ergonomics; you tend to hurt less, less risk of a repetitive injury, etc. I’ve seen gaming chairs like this on the market for a while now and my regular ol’ office chair works for me. AKRACING wants to change that. They want to change gamers’ minds about just a plain ol’ office chair.

AKRacing offers a few lines of chairs; each have their own style and features. We were sent the black and red Player series chair. Comfy Gaming Chair

AKRACING Player Gaming Chair Review - Modders Inc

The box the AKRacing player ships in is large and unassuming. It is just plain cardboard. I do not have photos, as the box had water damaged as UPS left it out by my curb while it was raining. However, no parts inside were damaged or even wet. Some assembly is required with the AKRacing Player chair. The seat, back and pillows are unpacked and ready for assembly.

The wheels, shock, and covers are all packed into their own section inside the shipping box.

The seat mechanism and the five-spoke base for the wheels are the final large parts to be unpacked.

AKRACING Player Gaming Chair Review - Modders Inc

Gaming Chair Floor Finally, the last pieces in the box is a polishing cloth, assembly screws, Allen wrenches, and a handy instruction guide.