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A little bit of mystery never hurt anyone, right?

If you have been spending some time exploring in Starfield, you may have come across the Deimos Armored Transport. When you find this behemoth floating in space, you might wonder what you should do. The answer is to go exploring. Just make sure you bring some good weapons with you. Automatic Door Closer

How to find and loot Deimos Armored Transport in Starfield – Destructoid

You can find the Deimos Armored Transport floating in orbit above Grissom in the Alpha Centauri system. Grissom is a moon of the planet Bondar, and Alpha Centauri is the first system you will start the game in. It’s just a short hop over from Jemison on the other side of the system’s sun. Fly close to the Deimos Armored Transport and hit E on the keyboard or X on the controller to target it. When you are within 500 meters, you will get the option to dock and can hold R on the keyboard or X on the controller to do so.

There isn’t much of interest in the first room. You will see stairs to the right that you can take, so head up them. As you reach the top, life support and gravity should shut down. This will happen repeatedly when you are on the ship, so prepare to move around in zero gravity for a while.

There will be another door near the top of the stairs, so open that and head inside. You will find a safe with a Novice lock that you can open using a Digipick. Inside, you will find some randomly generated loot. I was lucky enough to get a nice Urban Eagle from this safe.

In the next room, head down the stairs and take out all the pirates, including the one in the small adjoining room on the right. Go in here and look at the ceiling, and you will see a vent that leads upward. Stand under the vent, and when the gravity fails, boost yourself up the vent by jumping. When you reach the top, you will find a corridor with a contraband cache at the end.

Inside will be some random contraband, so grab it if you have a means to smuggle or sell it. If you have a ship with shielded cargo you can hide it there, or you can head to the nearby Wolf System and sell it to the Trade Authority at The Den. I got stolen art and mech components, but you should get something of similar value.

The next room is filled with pirates, so take them all out and then move to the back. Head up the stairs and explore all the smaller rooms. You should find some ammo and weapon cases here. Now, one of the rooms leads to an open elevator shaft, so head inside and look up.

You will once again need to wait for the gravity to go, then propel yourself up the elevator shaft for two stories and in the open door at the top. You will find a small cluster of rooms that make up some living quarters and a couple of pirates looking through them. Kill the pirates, then explore the rooms for any loot and valuables. At the far end, on the left, you will find a door that opens to a ramp that leads downward. Take it all the way to the end, where you will find a door you can open.

The next room contained a high-level enemy for me, so I assume it will do the same for you. Take them out, loot them, and then move on into a control room. At the end of a corridor is a locked door and a console. Use the console to open the door, and you’ll see that it leads back to the elevator shaft you went up not long ago.

You will see a number of turbine-like devices spinning in one of the rooms. Wait until the power is cut, then make your way through here. You will come to a door that is all broken with a broken pipe beside it. Move past the broken pipe, down the steps behind it, and all the way to the door at the head.

Go inside to discover a computer console and then use that to open the door of the vault all the way back at the start of the Deimos. Now, go back the way you came, past the pipe and through the spinning machines, once again making sure to only do so when the power is off. Now, take the shortcut back through the elevator shaft and return to the start of the ship and the open vault.

Inside is another shaft that leads upward. Follow it when gravity is off, and you will find some doors at the top you can open. Inside will be a variety of randomly generated loot for you to enjoy. Once your pockets are full, you are free to leave the Deimos and head on your way.

If you are looking for more fun stuff to do, I would suggest the Overdesigned mission, which can net you a fantastic free Class C ship, the Kepler R.

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How to find and loot Deimos Armored Transport in Starfield – Destructoid

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