Rechner Introduces Sensors for Hot Melt Glue Level Detection |

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Rechner Introduces Sensors for Hot Melt Glue Level Detection |

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Powder Bulk Solids Staff | Dec 02, 2022

The S-series sensors feature a metal probe, unique non-stick coating, and tapered design. They can be used in narrower containers due to their thinner design. Mounting can be done either vertically or horizontally.

The sensors will detect granulates, liquids, or material in mixed states at temperatures up to 482°F. These sensors are ideal for PUR glues. They can also reliably detect other non-conductive media such as hot glues, adhesives, waxes, oils, greases, etc. 

All Senotec sensors can be used for low-level time-filling or high-level filling shutoff systems. Probe lengths are available from 15-85 mm. The 15-mm length model with a right-angle cable has an overall length of only 65 mm. This sensor can fit into very small containers in confined spaces.

The M18 threaded body on these sensors simplifies installation. The two included nuts will securely mount the sensor. S-series sensors can be paired with CLS, CLC, CSV, or DLC controllers with a variety of transistor and relay outputs.

Rechner Electronics Ind. Inc., Sanborn, NY 800-544-4106

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Rechner Introduces Sensors for Hot Melt Glue Level Detection |

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