Dash Egg Cooker Sale - The Internet Is Obsessed With This Egg Cooker And It's On Sale Right Now

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Trust us, this viral gadget makes a great White Elephant gift. Electra Lunch Box

Dash Egg Cooker Sale - The Internet Is Obsessed With This Egg Cooker And It

Whoever came up with White Elephant probably didn't realize how difficult it can be to find the perfect, swappable gift. Not only does it have to fit comfortably in a low budget, it also needs to be functional and tad more creative than a pair of socks. Fortunately, Dash's Egg Cooker is here to help.

The compact kitchen gadget has gone viral on TikTok for being the ultimate tool for cooking the perfect egg. This pick comes with three trays for making poached eggs, omelets, and up to six hard-boiled eggs. There's also a measuring cup that tells you just how much water you need for every type of preparation. All you need to do is place your eggs in the designated tray, add the water, and presto—the Dash Egg Cooker will take care of the rest. It's so simple, yet so game-changing.

The Dash Egg Cooker normally costs $20 but, in a stroke of holiday luck, it's currently on sale for $17. At 15 percent off, why not pick one up for your White Elephant gift and yourself?

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Dash Egg Cooker Sale - The Internet Is Obsessed With This Egg Cooker And It

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