This Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday deal is a CORKER | Expert Reviews

This Black Friday, Amazon is offering an exceptional deal on the Nintendo Switch, now available at its lowest price ever on the website: just £280, down from an average of £299. This offer is incredible, especially considering the Switch’s acclaim, evidenced by its four-star rating and the Expert Reviews Recommended award in our original review.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model stands out with its larger, more vibrant 7ih OLED screen, a significant improvement over the original 6.2-inch LCD display. This upgrade enhances the gaming experience with higher contrast and true black, making games like “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Metroid Dread” appear more vivid and immersive​​. Push Button Switch With Numbers

This Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday deal is a CORKER | Expert Reviews

Despite these enhancements, the Switch OLED maintains the same internal hardware as the previous model, including the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, ensuring consistent gaming performance across all Switch titles. However, it’s worth noting that this means the console isn’t 4K ready, and performance in docked mode may vary with graphically intensive games​​.

Design-wise, the new kickstand is a significant improvement, offering stability and adjustable angles for handheld play. The console’s build has also been upgraded to a textured black metal chassis, though the Joy-Con controllers remain the same and may be prone to drift issues​​​​.

For newcomers to the Nintendo platform or those who prefer handheld gaming, the Switch OLED, especially at this discounted Black Friday price, is an excellent choice. Its primary appeal lies in the superior screen quality and the versatility of its design, which allows for both handheld and docked play​​.

In summary, the Black Friday deal on the Nintendo Switch on Amazon is a perfect opportunity to nab a versatile and engaging gaming console at an excellent price. With its enhanced OLED screen and improved design, coupled with its accolades, it represents a worthy investment for both new gamers and those looking to enhance their handheld gaming experience.

This Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday deal is a CORKER | Expert Reviews

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