STL, a leading optical solutions company, has developed its slimmest fiber yet – a 180 micron optical fiber. This fiber enables the smallest diameters in cables with the highest fiber densities. STL showcased a next-generation microcable with 288 fibers capable of being deployed in 8 mm ducts, at the FTTH Conference 2023, in Madrid, Spain.

The 180 micron G657 A2 fiber combines bend-insensitive properties with a fully backward-compatible cable design which makes it a “ready to deploy” innovation in the optical industry, Jitendra Balakrishnan, CTO-Optical Networking, STL said. Fiber Optic Indoor Patch Cord

STL shows 180 micron optical fiber at FTTH Conference 2023 - TelecomLead

Recently, STL developed India’s first multicore fiber with 4X capacity. STL was the first company to launch Stellar – an A2 bend-insensitive fiber with full backward compatibility, and amongst the top 2 companies globally to bring IBR (Intelligently bonded ribbon) cable technology into mainstream networks.

Along with the marquee 180 micron fiber and microcable, STL is also showcasing its integrated optical fiber offering at the FTTH Conference 2023. STL’s pre-connectorised optical connectivity kits – OPTO-BLAZE and OPTO-BOLT – come with plug-and-play capabilities for faster and easier installation and its OPTO-DOP’s is another unique design that eliminates the need to provision traditional cable coils at drop locations. It is a perfect solution for hassle-free, on-demand connectivity.

“R&D and innovation in fiber design will be the most important driver for future-ready networks. We are focused on product innovations that will enable fiberisation in a scalable, faster and cost-effective way.  STL’s high-density microcable and integrated optical connectivity offerings will deliver a lot of value for our customers,” Paul Atkinson, CEO-Optical Networking, STL, said.

STL shows 180 micron optical fiber at FTTH Conference 2023 - TelecomLead

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