Use of laser treatment for skin tightening and various age-related skin problems

Lasers are great tools that can provide solutions for various age-related skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and loose skin. Laser treatment controls the damage in the tissues by stimulating the body for healing and collagen production. This process is called skin resurfacing and tightening.

Different types of laser used 1064nm Picosecond Laser Machine

Use of laser treatment for skin tightening and various age-related skin problems

This type of laser works on the top layer of the skin (called epidermis) and superheats water in the underlying skin (called dermis). The result: Tighter skin, reduced fine lines, and less wrinkles.

The two types of lasers used:

1. CO2 fractional laser is used for fine lines, wrinkles and skin tightening.

2. Erbium glass laser for fine lines and wrinkles.

In non-ablative technique, lasers are used to improve skin texture and pigment. It works by directing the energy into deeper tissues. The different types of laser and devices used:

2. Q-switched Nd:YAG laser for photofacials

3. Fractional laser (erbium yag laser)

4. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy device

Advantages of lasers for skin tightening

2. Prevents fine lines and wrinkles

3. Less downtime and patients can go about their work except in ablative laser resurfacing

4. Along with tightening, it also restores texture and youthfulness of the skin

5. Also helps with photo damage, pigmentation and scars

1. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation may occur if precautions are not taken after the procedure

2. Post inflammatory hypopigmentation can occur

3. For ablative laser resurfacing, there is downtime of one week

Who can opt for this

1. Patients with realistic expectations 2. Mild to moderate wrinkles in non-movement associated areas

3. Loose and sagging neck skin due to loss of collagen tissue

4. Age group 30 and above depending on concerns regarding ageing of skin

Lasers are a good non-invasive preventive option for skin problems if started at the right time and first signs of ageing. It's important to an experienced professional for best results.

(The writer is the Medical Director at Sskin Savvy Advanced Aesthetics)

Use of laser treatment for skin tightening and various age-related skin problems

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