The 9 Best Pencil Cases for 2022

These are the perfect pencil cases for getting optimally organized.

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The 9 Best Pencil Cases for 2022

The key to organization is having a place for everything—and that’s especially true when you have items that are packaged in bulk. Pencils, pens, and markers, for instance, can quickly make a mess of your backpack or desk if not stored neatly. That’s exactly where the perfect pencil case comes in.

Whether you’re looking for a cute pencil pouch for your child’s first day of school or want to organize your own collection of art or writing supplies, rest assured that there’s a great case out there to meet your needs. These are the 10 best we’ve found, each with their own unique advantages to set them apart from the crowd.

Pencil cases can serve several functions: while some are simple satchels used to house a small store of supplies, others are designed with zipped pouches and special slots to make room for a wider range of items. Before you buy one, you’ll want to give some thought to what it is you’re planning on putting inside, and how much capacity for organization your collection will require.

We sorted through a wide range of pencil cases designed for children and adults, and highlighted products that were thoughtfully designed and highly rated by customers. These items also stand out for being well made, and each has a special feature or selling point that makes it best in its class.

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If you’re looking to stay organized without taking up your entire bag or backpack, this large, handheld pencil case should do the trick. With openings on the top and sides, it has multiple compartments and elastic loops for keeping your many items in place.

This case boasts room for 100 pens or pencils, scissors, tape, sticky notes, calculators, and more. It can also double as a handy make-up case with ample space for brushes.

Constructed with one long, central zipper that comes together in the shape of a creepy-cute monster smile, this adorable case can hold up to 60 pens and pencils—not to mention your other stationary supplies.

Choose from a range of eye-catching colors and silly expressions for this fun novelty case. Just don’t be surprised if kids dump its contents out to play with the fun zipper feature.

If you’re looking to organize a desk rather than a bag, these durable plastic pencil boxes should do the trick. Colorful, stackable, and packaged in a generous set of four, you’re sure to have room for all of your work or homework essentials with these hard-sided organizers.

Each box can house up to 100 pens or pencils, making them ideal for those with a more extensive collection of supplies. A snap-tight lid makes it easy to take all or part of that collection on the go.

If you’re looking for the perfect back-to-school pencil case for your glitz- and glitter-loving child, look no further than this colorful ombre case from Pottery Barn Kids. It has two roomy pockets for all their study essentials, and can be personalized with their name to make them feel extra special as they start a new school year.

Love the features but prefer a different look? Try this glow-in-the-dark, dino-themed case from PB Kids instead!

We can wax poetic about pencil cases all day, but in the end, they’re a practical item. If all you need is a sturdy pouch for stashing your pencils, you don’t need to spend more than a dollar to do it. Sold for just 97 cents, this cost-efficient case fits inside a standard three-ring binder, has a sheer plastic window to help find what you need, and has a solid zipper closure to keep your supplies from spilling out.

Kid-approved and colorful, this popper toy pencil case provides a large and sturdy pencil storage solution with a special sensory bonus.

Besides having a roomy interior for all of your most important supplies, the raised silicone bubbles on its top offer a crisp and satisfying “pop” for stress relief. While anyone may enjoy the popping feature, reviewers say it’s especially useful for those with ADHD or certain sensory needs.

If you’re going to get organized, why stop at pencils? These color-coded pencil cases come in a pack of 16, making it possible to properly store whatever odds and ends are currently cluttering your space.

The design may be simple, but you can think of that as an opportunity for personalization. A perfect blank canvas for all of your most creative ideas, try decorating these cases with paint, embroidery, beads, or whatever else you can dream up.

If you have an extensive collection of art supplies, your standard pencil pouch simply won’t suffice. This multilayer organizer has 220 storage slots, which translates into ample room for your markers, colored pencils, and more.

Fitted with a double zipper for added security, it also manages to be compact, lightweight, and portable. This impressive case is ideal for budding artists who like to bring their work on the go.

When shopping for the perfect pencil case, many people value function and aesthetics equally. If you’re looking for a kitschy-cute case that’ll also streamline your life, look no further than this boba milk tea pencil holder.

Besides being downright adorable, it’s also surprisingly practical. It also has a “telescopic” design that allows you to slide the top down for easy access to its contents. Simply stand it up on the table, pull on the side tabs, and get to work with your pencil case pal by your side.

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The 9 Best Pencil Cases for 2022

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